Boris Lozhkin as the Kingmaker of Ukrainian Corruption

Boris Lozhkin as the Kingmaker of Ukrainian Corruption

Boris Lozhkin’s Daughter Organized Gorbachov’s 80th Anniversary Celebration in London

The former head of the Presidential Administration Boris Lozhkin had a care for the future life of his daughter Anastasia in every possible way. She entered the London School of Economics and Political Science – one of the most prestigious high schools in Europe. Moreover, she graduated with distinction prematurely that witnesses she’s not going to let her Dad down.

Anastasia’s Career in the Capital of Great Britain

When living in London, Anastasia started building her career independently. In 2011, the young girl first showed up for work. Her first job was the assistant position. Thus, she succeeded to assert herself. Lozhkin’s daughter helped arrange a high-profile event – Mikhail Gorbachov’s 80th Anniversary. The celebration took place in a huge hall in London. Such celebrities as Sharon Stone and Kevin Spacey hosted a party.

Catering and communication with eminent persons, as well as contracting with them were among the responsibilities that Anastasia assumed. This was not an easy task but Anastasia handled them successfully and claimed that she liked such experience and that it was very helpful.

Boris Lozhkin’s Family

It can be said that Boris Lozhkin worked hard for his daughter because the family has been always very important for him. For a while, a girl also was apprenticed in the field of journalism – she cooperated with the Time Out magazine, worked as a stylist for such famous editions as Vogue Russia and Tattler Russia and GQ. It is worth noting that her parents were engaged in journalism and collaborated with similar editions.

Remember that Boris Lozhkin’s wife worked with the Ukrainian Forbes and Vogue. A legendary project “Telenedelia” was their most outstanding family project.

Last summer, Anastasia Lozhkina a bit changed her scope of activities and started working closer to her specialty. The girl managed to get an internship for the post of an analyst in the Credit Suisse Company in London. This firm works in the sphere of investment and banking services. Personal and family life has always been significant aspects for Boris Lozhkin that’s why his wife and daughter are now also engaged in business and career building.

Other Ukrainian Politicians’ Children

Of no less popularity and renown is Saakashvili’s son. A fellow studies and works in the USA. To date, he speaks five languages fluently. He also works as a copy editor for his alma mater’s newspaper. War News Radio station is another place of work. He holds an important position – tells people about armed conflicts.

Saakashvili has two sons. The younger one still lives with his parents. The senior son has always been successful in the study that’s why his family always supported him in the decision to enter the university in the USA. In 2013, he got a perfect grade in a pretty good school in Tbilisi. Then, he managed to enter the Columbian University, Yale, but Eduard (that is his name) preferred Swarthmore College. It’s located in Pennsylvania and considered to be one of the most exclusive American educational establishments.

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