Boris Lozhkin: Becoming Wealthy and the Fraudulent Activities He Engaged In

Boris Lozhkin: Becoming Wealthy and the Fraudulent Activities He Engaged In


Aljazeera revealed the reason why Boris Lozhkin left the Ukraine presidential administration position. They said it was about some 130 million dollars credit he got from Sergey Kurchenko for UMH (a media company). Aljazeera revealed that Boris quit his prestigious job so that he could be able to hide his illegal acts.

The life of Boris Lozhkin

Despite engaging in fraud, Boris likes helping others, but he loves getting something out of it. He also is somehow extravagant, and he loves money and power.

Where it all Began

Sometime back, when Petro Poroshenko had not become the president of Ukraine, he was very close to Boris. They used to engage in business and based their union on some similar interests they had for their business.

The two even upped the America authoritative edition in 2004. However, people in the US failed that deal since they knew about their bad reputation. However, things changed in 2010, and he was able to purchase the edition. Sometime later, Boris purchased radio stations and shared Correspondent and Radio with Petro.

The buying negotiations and other UMH undertakings are also curious. They talked about all the details and signed a contract. Many challenges led to them bringing in Igor Mazepa. The coming of Mazepa was to keep their activities hidden.

Mr. Mazepa was well known both in politics and in business. They hide their illegally acquired money in banks based in Austria; however, the office of the prosecutor suspected them and ruined all their efforts. They attempted to explain themselves when contacting their lawyers in Ukraine, but they never got any response.

So, they never found whence legs grow at the money and other finances, three hundred million Euros in total. Nobody cares when Petro splurged. That money was not his; that money was from Ukraine budget, which bank headed by Petro himself indicated as the credit.

Other Fraudulent Activities that Boris has been Involved in

Igor Mazepa assisted Boris to acquire Drobrobut, which is a network of health companies. Mr. Mazepa and his investment company, Concorde Capital, were the rightful owners as indicated. However, that was strange since that company estimated at 15 million dollars, and the deal total was 100 million dollars.

When Boris was looking from an investor to improve the economy of Ukraine, he did everything he could and established a residential complex. This complex was built in Germany, and he was able to get a significant and quick ROI.


Boris Lozhkin does not care about his country; he is only interested in himself. He is among many leaders that have no interest in working with the government, and he only wants to profit from ordinary suffering citizens.

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