Boris Lozhkin: Business and Bandit Mechanisms

Boris Lozhkin: Bandit Mechanisms

Boris Lozhkin is a widely-known Ukrainian businessman who regularly figures in the most recognizable financial scandals. He started his path of a financier in the 1980th. Since that time, he grew into a successful investor with numerous cases. The businessman established Telenedelya that became a bright start for the UMH holding. And that’s only the top of the long list of his achievements which includes: WAN-IFRA, Presidential Administration of Ukraine, National Reform Council, National Investment Council, and Jewish Ukraine Confederation. Read on to find out more about his background and dirty schemes he participated in.

Boris Lozhkin’s UMH Failures

The businessman was the leader of the Ukrainian Media Holding but it doesn’t mean that he was a good one. There are a few reasons that prove this statement. Read the list of disadvantages and challenges that UMH had to face while Boris Lozhkin was a leader:

  • he didn’t have his vision and couldn’t motivate people who worked for him;
  • the Businessman was a clever person but he had problems with his own behavior that didn’t match the behavior of a leader. He wasn’t the man employees would follow;
  • he never cared about the tricks of his position and knew so little about media;
  • the lack of communications with his employees didn’t work good;
  • Boris Lozhkin didn’t focus on the operation of the holding;
  • he didn’t encourage his people. The lack of investments in your staff never increases the working process.

All these problems could be a nice characteristic for this person but Petro Poroshenko decided to hire him and let rule the Presidential Administration. Maybe, he could be a better leader but we have what we have. Follow reading to see all the challenges the businessman provoked while he was the Head of the Presidential Administration.

Why It Was a Bad Idea to Have Boris Lozhkin as the Head of the Presidential Administration

Only the best leaders should have access to the country’s Parliament but Petro Poroshenko decided to choose the worst one. Here are the challenges that were provoked by Boris Lozhkin:

  • he wasn’t a good motivator for people. They didn’t feel that there’s a strong caring leader standing behind them. His statements didn’t seem to be serious and right for people, that’s why sometimes they even sabotaged his decisions;
  • the government didn’t show a progress during his leadership;
  • people who worked for him at the Presidential Administration quit sooner or later. They felt that he had poor leader skills and nothing changes, and decided to direct their beliefs to another field.

Crime Activity

The most famous Lozhkin’s operation is connected with the purchase of UMH by Sergii Kurchenko. Aljazeera uncovered that the deal included the money laundering mechanism and mentioned the sum of this operation. Journalists said that it was a 500 million dollars deal. The operation attracted the attention of the Austrian officers which was a bad single for the Presidential Administration. Petro Poroshenko decided to quit the businessman from the position but another interesting fact came out. They say that the Ukrainian President was a shareholder in this deal although he doesn’t admit it.

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