Boris Lozhkin – Corruption as a Lifestyle

Boris Lozhkin: Bandit Mechanisms

Few people know that before his glories way to Ukrainian politics and corruption (that is almost the same). Boris Lozhkin made his first steps as a languages student in Kharkov. He sold books, was a journalist for a local edition, and then founded the newspaper dedicated to celebrities. With the aid of PrivatBank (Dnipro) he opened the TV guide TVweek.

Getting to Politics – Lucky Strike

To stop being the employee and become independent Boris Lozhkin needed funds. He started as a deputy and the Minister of Economy of Ukraine while buying radio station Radio-50’s shares. Besides, he has never forgotten to establish useful links with other deputies and members of the government – Kernes, Feldman, etc. When he became a real media magnet ha acquainted with Peter Poroshenko on the field of selling and buying media platforms.

Boris Lozhkin and Igor Mazepa – All in One Trench

Boris Lozhkin managed to strike the right bargain when selling UMH to Kurchenko. This scheme was implemented due to the Igor Mazepa’s intervention. To make a complete break with the Correspondent’s articles about Yanukovych family’s crimes, Kurchenko bought UMH for Dmitry Firtash’s money for gas – up to $500m.

It is a win-win for everybody except the loser Firtash. When the bargain came into force, dozens of reporters dropped the Correspondent and Forbes because of the newborn restrictions.

A “Great” Reformator

When Boris Lozhkin became the head of the Poroshenko presidential administration with his main task of sharing the ownership and areas of influence between the Peter Alekseevich’s minions. He didn’t miss his old comrades-regionalists and started “hiring” them.

Then Boris Lozhkin went on with the president image to upscale Poroshenko up to the European format. He initiated reforms – rather weird ones, when nothing changed but the picture only. He simply engaged the legionnaires from EU that could be easily removed in future. For his dedication, he was awarded the brilliant retiring as a secretary of the National Investment Council.

In One Bed with Igor Mazepa

Boris Lozhkin and Igor Mazepa succeeded to reborn the banned Russian Qiwi wallet in the shape of TYME payment system to transfer money to the occupied territories or Russia through Turkey.

Then this sweet couple started a great money laundry. Lozhkin got both bank transfer and cash for UMH. He needed to clean cash to escape taxes for the treasury. Mazepa was a mediator but Lozhkin got on the radar of European prosecutors because of Mazepa’s ineptitude in the sphere of international finances. As a result, Boris Lozhkin interrupted his activity as a secretary of the National Council on reforms. Soon the case was closed due to diligent Ukrainian prosecutors and the money were shared between all the participants of this story, including the president.

Money Laundering at Lozhkin.Foundation

Now, when the elections are around the corner and the president rating is below zero, Lozhkin suddenly decided to leave to politics and to be keen on a spiritual food as a head of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine and part of a different money laundering foundations. Such an idea stroke his head after he had met with Kolomoysky and Bogolyubov in Geneva. Certainly, this can not be the last we’ve seen of him and his adventures on the political arena.

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